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Your story is far from over. All of you is a portal to healing.

You are welcome here.

Hi, I'm Lisa Farvald.

I’m a Trauma Resolution Coach and Guide and Space-holder.

I'm here to support you on your path to feeling joyful, free and safe. I'm here to support you in alchemizing your story and stepping into a deeply nourishing, loving and powerful relationship with your whole self post trauma.

My work centers around the belief that healing isn't about fixing but about restoring connection to the inherent health that was there all along. This looks like building bridges to all the parts that have become exiled through trauma (your body included) and help them integrate, catch up to present time - it looks like facilitating the softest space for you to enter into a different relationship with yourself and create a momentum of possibility.

I support seekers and mystics. Deep thinkers and wild spirits. Sensitive creatives and women with soft visions and wise hearts like you who are looking to live more fully in their bodies and their hearts, who want to feel more intimately connected to themselves, their ancestors and others.

I'm so glad that you're here and can't wait to journey with you,


"I trust Lisa. She is powerful and honest and anchors me directly to what I know is truly best for myself and the world. I feel so blessed to have her radiant support."


Experience your body as a portal with this free practice:

Envision your most sovereign and safe self.

Explore touch as a tool for reawakening your body.

Reconnect to your body's innate ability to remember.

Honor where you are while building a bridge of possibility.

Fill in your name and email below and activate and amplify your natural field of body sovereignty with this 10-minute practice.


Downloading this practice puts you on my mailing list which also gives you access to free writings from me every other week, and be the first to know about new offerings and courses

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