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This is me.

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Hi, I'm Lisa Farvald.

For the past five years, I've been working with women 1:1 on resolving their personal and inherited trauma spells and creating their very own path to post-trauma bloom.

I'm here to support you and be a guide on your path to feeling free in your body - to feeling safe and sovereign in your body. I'm here to support you in alchemizing your (body) story and stepping into a deeply nourishing, loving and powerful relationship with your whole self.

My work centers around the belief that healing isn't about fixing but about restoring connection to the inherent health that was there all along. This looks like building bridges to all the parts that have become exiled through trauma (your body included) and help them integrate, catch up to present time and a momentum of possibility.

As a survivor of physical and emotional violence and an abusive relationship, I know how tender, wild and scary it can feel to step onto a path towards post-trauma bloom. To really choose yourself. To choose life and joy and freedom. 

What I know is that we're all deeply deserving of choosing ourselves without hesitation - fully and wholly as we are.

In this together,


This is what lives at the core of my work:


Trust in you and all your parts. Trust in your path. In your wholeness and inherent worth. In your original blueprint of well-being and sovereignty. In your intuition, your pace, and rhythm. Trust that everything that is needed for our journey together is already within.


Allowing the full spectrum of (y)our human-ness to be present. Being real, uncensored, and welcoming to all there is. Gently verbalizing and humanizing experiences of shame. Letting perfectionism melt away.


Joy is the guidepost we keep referring back to and move toward. Moving with an attitude of deep reverence towards our stories and recognizing that we fully deserve to be tended to with utmost care no matter what. Our stories matter. Our bodies matter. Our hearts and souls matter. 

Gentle bravery is one of my love languages.

Asking the right kind of questions, really seeing you and making extreme complexity simple are three of my superpowers.

I trust in our inherent human-ness, in the alchemy of grief, in the softness of summer mornings, in ritual and in nervous system care. In the path that unfolds in harmony with our natural, inherent rhythms.

I believe in unfiltered sharing in safe spaces, in allowing ourselves to be fully seen and lovingly witnessed. In laughter, togetherness, and connection.

Up close

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All in for road trips, hiking, and outdoor adventures  〰️  Witch and Mystic  〰️  I love to sing  (but have only been to karaoke once)  〰️  I currently live in Gothenburg, Sweden with my partner  〰️  Potion and tincture making are two of my favorite things  〰️  I love glitter  〰️​ Taylor Swift and Beautiful Chorus were my top two listened to artist of 2021  〰️  My Beloved and I are currently remodelling a 1940s cabin in the countryside 〰️  I deeply value rest and play and try to nap at least a few times a week  〰️ ​ Poetry is magical  〰️ ​ I identify as queer​  〰️  Freedom, connection and joy are my top three values

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