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Your future self is inviting you in.

Have you been feeling:

...stuck in a loop of more of the same - over and over again? Like nothing is creating lasting change or relief? Like no matter how much time, care and effort you invest, it doesn't change? you're under a spell, like there's something running your life that you can't quite put your finger on? some of your problems, your anxieties, or challenges are out of proportion to the experiences you've had in your life so far?

Then this is for you, because I know that...

...not all behaviors actually originate from us. Not all of our core fears, challenges, or pains belong to us. Not all our traumas began with us (even if we've experienced violation and personal trauma in our lives).

What I also know is that trauma, pain and suffering repeat themselves through generations, centuries, and lifetimes until they're listened to, resolved and healed. 

We need holistic alchemy to mend the broken links in our lineages and restore full health and vibrancy to our past and our future.

Together, we resolve and repair the inherited trauma spells that have been running in your family and lineage for decades and centuries through journeywork, bodywork and ancestral devotion.


Together, we restore vibrancy to any broken links, a healing balm to any trauma, and accountability and reverence where it's most needed so that you can access and feel the original abundance of energy, of vibrancy, and joy that lives at the roots of your ancestors - and you. 

I bring a combination of many possible modalities and tools to our work together, including journeywork, rituals, ancestral devotional practices, body work to integrate what you've experienced on a mythical level and practical everyday tools to help you land and integrate the new ways of being we cultivate together in our sessions. 

On this journey together, you'll experience a space where you can be fully, tenderly human. A space where we radically trust in you and your ancestors, where we follow your innate sense of consent back into safety and allow the inherent healing plan that lives within you and your ancestors to unfold. 


A space where we build bridges to liberation and ancestral medicine.

A space that invites you into soft partnership with those who came before you.

A space where you experience ancient wisdom and deep love.

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 2.28.06 PM.png

A relationship with my ancestors and family I never thought possible

"Deciding to work with Lisa has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her gentleness, guidance, and compassion throughout my journey into ancestral healing has made me feel safe and protected


I can't speak highly enough of her work and the deep impact it has had on me. The safe space she creates is the ultimate place necessary for healing these deep wounds.


Her work is unlike any other I've experienced and has allowed me to not only undergo a deep transformation but to have a relationship with my ancestors and living family that I never thought possible.


I am forever grateful for Lisa and the impact her work has had on me. "


This is how we work together:

We begin with a free 45-minute connection call, where we’ll get a chance to feel into whether we’re a good fit for each other (wondering what a connection call is like? Scroll down to the FAQs to know more). 


If we decide to work together, we start with a 90-minute intake session. During this time we'll go deep and explore the path you and your ancestors have been on.

After the initial intake, you'll receive your personal healing map to help you hold the visions of what's possible for you and your ancestors.

We then move into bi-weekly 90-minute sessions (same day and time - our nervous systems love consistency like that) where we go deep, walk softly in tender inquiry and tend to, resolve and repair what’s present and ancient.

Each session is a co-creation and collaboration with you and your ancestors.

Let's begin

Please note: All prices are in USD. VAT, where applicable, is not included.

6 months immersion

  • 1 90-minute intake session

  • a personal healing map

  • 12 90-minute sessions

  • soft and gentle integration and connection practices to embody more of what occurred in our session

  • text support via my personal number for in-between sessions tune-ins (M-F)


Your investment: $3000


(payment plan: $500/month for 6 months - extended payment plans are available - e.g. $300/month for 10 months)

What you can expect from working with me:

  • 100% Confidentiality and professionalism

  • Be deeply seen and understood

  • Love, emotional affirmation, and empathetic witnessing

  • Compassion and zero judgment about anything you share during our work together

  • Tools and practices that feel aligned and personalized to you

  • Opportunities to embrace and embody newfound freedom in doable ways

  • Deep belief that you’re whole, worthy, healed

  • Choice and 100% permission to change your mind, pace or rhythm

  • Grounded structure and a pace that aligns with you

  • Laughter and light-heartedness and space to go deep and be tender

  • Magic, practices, and rituals

  • Deep respect for all of you

  • No pushing, forcing or fixing


Wondering if we're a good fit?

A note on scope of practice: I don’t work with people who have (early) childhood sexual trauma or developmental trauma who have not done any healing work already (and/or aren't working with a therapist as well). If you're unsure if we might be a good fit, let's connect on a free call here.

This is for you, if:

  • you're hearing the call to this work in your heart, body and mind

  • you're ready to go deep, lean in, dive deep, and experience sustainable healing

  • you know that you can’t put off this work any longer - there’s too much magic, wildness, aliveness stuck inside of you waiting to be embodied and expressed

  • you feel connected or want to feel connected to those who came before you

  • you're ready for a different way of relating to your ancestors

This is not for you, if:

  • you're under an acute trauma spell or in crisis mode without also seeing a therapist to hold the mental health container for this

  • you’re living in a dangerous or abusive environment (you are so deeply worthy of getting the help you need - this might be a possible starting point:

  • you want a quick fix or band-aid approach to what's been happening for you 

  • you're completely unable to meet your basic needs of water, food, sleep, etc. (it's totally okay to find these challenging but if it impacts your ability to show up, it might be more supportive to get in-person care where you are)


Thank you for everything.

"Dear Lisa,


I cannot thank you enough for the powerful experience you lead me through over the course of our work together. You created a space for me to grow and explore and question and cry, a lot. I appreciate your gentle and knowing approach and guidance and feel more expansive, centered and open to life and whatever challenges lie ahead. Thank you for everything."


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