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I trust Lisa. She is powerful and honest and anchors me directly to what I know is truly best for myself and the world. I feel so blessed to have her radiant support. Lisa is not just a sweet, sensitive soul who will gently tell you what you need to know (though she's 100% that). She's also a fierce and truth-seeing. Every time, she does it with love. Every time, she does it with radical trust. And every time, my closest friends (or I) leave more empowered to move forward in the direction of sane, divine light.


Deciding to sign up to work with Lisa was straight up one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is a true healer, and an effective guide when you are facing challenges and it feels like no one else could ever understand you.  I feel like I can be completely myself with Lisa, and in fact, it's in our work that I felt safe enough to share things I have never shared with anyone. And believe me, I share pretty much everything with anyone. Lisa has got a presence to her that allows us to feel instantly loved and comfortable. She makes me feel unconditionally accepted, reminds me I'm not broken and teaches me that grief was actually an invitation to reclaim who I truly am. It wasn't here to ruin my life, but actually, give it back to me. I look forward to our sessions together each time it's coming up on my calendar. I couldn't recommend her more as a coach, and I would say this is one of the best ways to invest your money as well as your time. Skip all the other practitioners and go straight to Lisa. That's what I wish I had done and I'm so glad I eventually found her. She's the best! Hands down.

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Deciding to work with Lisa has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her gentleness, guidance, and compassion throughout my journey into ancestral healing has made me feel safe and protected. I can't speak highly enough of her work and the deep impact it has had on me. The safe space she creates is the ultimate place necessary for healing these deep wounds.  Her work is unlike any other I've experienced and has allowed me to not only undergo a deep transformation but to have a relationship with my ancestors and living family that I never thought possible.  I am forever grateful for Lisa and the impact her work has had on me. Do yourself a favor and invest in this work you won't regret it.

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Lisa facilitates incredibly powerful spaces of healing. Her presence is endlessly soothing and playful! She holds compassionate space where I feel guided, and also free to be in the truest truth of my own experience. There is never a sense that I need to be somewhere other than where I am, I know that all parts of me are welcome! There's a profoundly moving, mystical quality to Lisa‘s work, while also being absolutely human and real. I always feel held & safe enough to let go, and like I truly belong. If you feel the slightest bit called to her work, please give yourself the experience. It will open new worlds for you!

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I was stuck in a cycle of self-abandonment, betrayal and denial. My body felt like a prison, existence felt like a punishment. I reached out to her, and the magic of our sessions together had a domino effect in my life. She provided such profound guidance in the gentle unraveling that unfolded, and one of the best parts was - it never felt hard. The healing came on sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly, but it always felt just right. I have experienced major transformations through our work together, the most obvious being a return to self - to self-love, self-care, to listening to my body and connecting to the deepest parts of my soul. It feels like I’ve banished the past in ways I never thought possible, along with the extreme loneliness that seemed to permeate everything before our work together. If you are stuck in cycles of pain, suffering, or feeling lost in the darkness - I deeply recommend working with Lisa, who has been a bright light at the end of a very long tunnel.


Lisa has such a kind and compassionate disposition; I knew I was in good hands from the first time I spoke with her. She is wise beyond her years, professional, intuitive, and incredibly knowledgeable about trauma and somatic healing. She met me wherever I was each session, never judging me, but instead holding space for all of what needed to come out and the pace I needed to go. I’m so grateful for the work I did with Lisa. She instilled so much hope in me and gave me so many tools to help me on my healing journey. I can’t recommend her enough if you’re needing support on your own healing journey.


Dear Lisa,  I cannot thank you enough for the powerful experiences you lead me through over the course of our months together. You created a space for me to grow and explore and question and cry, a lot. I appreciate your gentle & knowing approach and guidance and feel more expansive, centered, and open to life & whatever challenges lie ahead. Thank you for everything.


It makes sense that our time together happens to gently land as the most positively-impactful event of my life so far, truly. Having formal education in traditional Counselling, and enthusiastically accessing it as a client multiple times in my life, I always felt that there was somehow a significant piece missing, perhaps by essence of convention. Yet I’d no idea what it was, just something I ‘knew’ and never gave up hope on. So finally getting to understand these nuances of my very deep inherited and personal trauma has been an amazing experience, running the gamut of emotions for me as you gently, openly, deftly, patiently (always un-rushed and always un-rushing) nurtured the process. I can also say with certainty: Your comprehensive wisdom, nothing short of masterful listening skills, unfailing commitment to flowing right there with me whenever I felt a change of course / expression, and your vast capacity for deep care, softness, love, warmest honesty, and true witnessing – all of these without ever leaving your wholly-present professionalism – is the ultimate form of ‘gift’ within a trauma resolution setting of any kind. I feel sure that the deep appreciation I have (for you and this entire healing experience you so generously shared and gave to me) will never leave me.


When I started working with Lisa I wanted to go deeper into resilience after relational trauma, and build more capacity around connecting with my inner safety, power and sovereignty and I wanted to work with someone who knows how to work with people who have a history of complex trauma.  I felt I could be welcomed fully into our work together. Lisa's caring presence and holistic approach (both science + the magic) felt really aligned.  Before our work together I sometimes felt so overwhelmed by the emotional and psychological abuse I had experienced and felt frozen in emotional flashbacks and stuck in my body. Through our work, I was able to cultivate a safer and more relaxed inner home. I know how to protect myself and discern who and what is safe. I'm able to establish boundaries with others in a way that feels more aligned and trusting of my inner wisdom and clarity.  I feel so much has changed when it comes to the ways I'm now able to support myself. I'm able to live more of my life in functional fast and beautiful aliveness connected to learning to cultivate more inner safety and energetic coherence.  I've learned to not abandon myself and instead nourish myself and my personal power, letting my inner and outer resources support me. I feel more embodied in my sovereignty and like I can trust myself to create the life I truly want.  I felt really seen, cared for, and supported by Lisa. It felt like I could evolve in a very safe cocoon and that I was allowed to bring my full self to every session. She brings such compassionate inquiry to every moment which helped me gain clarity and a sense of deeper self-trust.  Lisa is warm, empowering, and championed me whenever I needed it. I felt deeply validated in my experiences which helped me to validate myself more. I loved the way she brought education about the nervous system whenever needed which helped me understand the process on an even deeper level.  The inner journeys and visualizations we did together felt so beautiful. I also felt like I could connect in a deeper way with nourishing resources when we explored different topics through somatic exploration.  The work with Lisa felt really supportive and nourishing for my heart, soul, and nervous system. I loved working with her and can't recommend her enough.


Thank you so much for your loving presence during a challenging time in my life. You've taught me to be more gentle and loving with myself and hold space for my feelings while seeing through them at the same time. You did this in a very open-hearted and non-judgmental way, yet you also called me out (in a most loving way) when I was off-track with my thoughts. I feel more capable of meeting myself where I am if a situation triggers me, instead of feeling helpless or feeling the need to judge myself for being so affected by challenges. Above all, I just felt really safe to unravel my innermost thoughts and feelings in your presence and I value that so much in a healer. Thank you for being you and for doing what you do!


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