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solid ground

somatic + parts-based practices to stabilize the system in times of overwhelm + tenderness

I know that overwhelm and tenderness aren't easy to navigate, especially in turbulent times (whether that's personally or collectively). It can feel disorienting, disheartening at times and maybe even impossible. 

I also know that creating a bit more solid ground underneath our feet can help stabilize and soften our systems enough so that we can tend to these parts in compassionate and helpful ways. 

In solid ground I'll share 3 simple, yet highly effective, practices with you to help you feel a bit more steady.

Ready to feel a bit more solid ground beneath your feet?

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about me

I'm Lisa and I've been a coach and guide for the last 6 years helping folks recover from trauma and enter into more loving relationships with themselves.

My work centers around the belief that we don't need fixing - we aren't broken, faulty or insufficient in any way - we are inherently good, lovable and precious. And that we can learn how to turn towards ourselves with deep compassion and a sense of curiosity.

I have a small private practice where I work with people one-on-one for short periods of time during seasons of great turbulence as well as on-going long term support.

I hope my work feels like a soft place to land when you need it most. Looking forward to sharing all that I've learned over the years with you.

P.S. I currently have space for two new clients. If you'd like to feel deeply supported during this season of your life you can find out more here

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