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Writing + Journal

My story

I experienced both physical and emotional violence from peers as a teenager and an abusive relationship in my early twenties which left me in constant spirals of overwhelm, and hyper-productivity followed by collapse and burn-out. I felt deeply unsafe in my body and the only way I knew how to feel "safe" was by controlling my body, my environment, and my relationships.

On the outside, I was functioning, but on the inside, I felt deeply unlovable, out of place, and like I was a fraud. I was stuck in cycles of self-punishment, control and continuing the cycles of violence that I had experienced.

All of this led me down a path of discovery - a deep dive into what it meant to belong to myself and be in a healthy, nourishing relationship with all my parts - my body, my heart and my spirit, and how I could connect to others in ways that felt true and safe.

It led me to bodywork and somatic experiencing which became my way of reclaiming safety and sovereignty in my body. It led me to break up with self-punishment through withholding or controlling food.

It led me to deepen my spiritual practice - to grow roots into rituals and practices that became portals of truth and belonging.

It led me to learn everything I possibly could (and train with wise teachers) about trauma and how we can heal in holistic, lasting ways.

This work of stepping onto the path of post-trauma bloom is deeply meaningful. It's where our present meets our possible future bloom in tangible and touchable ways.

On the path, we unshame feeling deeply, reclaim our inner knowing, and trust the body as a compass that never leads us astray. We wade through the fog of incomplete emergency responses and take one attuned and in consent with ourselves step forward at a time. We collect knowledge and wisdom that serves us in meaningful ways.

We listen and pay loving attention to the nudges we're receiving - we follow the next right step our body is guiding us towards. We take those baby steps until the fog clears and a brilliant view is revealed - where we see ourselves as safe enough, as whole - as free - where we remember who we are. Where our bodies are portals of belonging, of joy and power.


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