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Writing + Journal

Are you afraid to ask for this?

Are you hesitant to ask to not walk alone?

To ask to be seen? And heard? And validated?

To ask for something different?

To ask to receive care?

To ask for help and support?

Most of us carry big imprints around having needs and asking for help and support.

Whether these imprints come from our own life experience and what was modeled to us growing up or whether these imprints stem from a time long ago when our ancestors weren't able to receive help or support and a spell of having to go it all alone was created - these imprints can make us hesitant to ask for what we need and prevent us from getting the support we long for for the next step of our journey.

If that hesitation to have needs or to ask for care and support feels familiar to you - it makes sense. Those hesitation parts within you are trying to keep you safe and protected from harm, or rejection (remembering this always helps me be a bit more compassionate and patient with the process).


At the beginning of this year, I could feel that I was standing at yet another threshold that invited me to cross it but I could also feel that I wanted to not walk alone, that I needed to be witnessed and receive care as I did.

In the past, I would've shamed the parts that wanted support. I would've told myself that I wasn't in crisis and that getting help or support when you're not in a crisis is over-indulgent and unnecessary - that I didn't really deserve it (does this sound familiar at all?).

As I was sitting with the knowledge that I wanted to receive support, that I needed to not walk alone, I could feel some of those shame parts show up. But because I had spent a significant amount of time over the last few years dedicated to tending to this wound and imprint, I was able to connect with them in a different way.

I befriended them and helped them take their armor of shame off. Underneath was a scared part that didn't know if it could handle any rejection, that felt too vulnerable to ask for help and support.

Every part within us can be helpful - can be a significant guide on our journeys and treating them with reverence is deeply important.

So I did just that. Within a week, I had called in support from my Beloved and my dear friends and had also found the most aligned outside support for the next part of the journey.


So how do you build a bridge from your hesitation to asking for the support you need and desire?

+ You acknowledge to yourself that you need/ desire/ want to feel more supported. That you want to not walk alone, that you want to receive care, that you want to make different choices, that you want to be heard and recognized, that you want to not figure it all out by yourself anymore, that you want to be loved differently. It's a wildly brave thing to do, especially if we have a lot of parts within that are scared or hesitant.

+ You don't rush toward asking. Oftentimes sitting and being in the presence of acknowledging your needs is really powerful (and can also be really activating - so going slow or at a doable pace is key).

+ Know who to ask and when to ask. Who can support you with this? Who do you need or want to talk to? And when is the best time to ask (when are you most resourced? When do you have space to integrate?)

+ Call on your mystical support system of choice to hold you in asking. Ask for extra support from your well ancestors, your guides, your angels, God, Goddess, the Universe, or your Higher Self.

+ Make the brave ask.


What are you hesitant to ask for? What do you need? What are you maybe allowed to want?

What kind of support are you longing for? Where can you get it?

I've got 5 spots left to begin working with me this summer in powerful and gentle three to six-month-long healing portals.

If you'd like to know more about what that could look like, have a look here or book a connection call here, if you know that you want to explore this.

Sending wild bravery your way! X


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