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Creating Safe Thresholds into Post-Trauma Bloom


This 3-module Safe Thresholds eCourse is your sanctuary on your path towards Post-Trauma Bloom. It was made specifically for seekers, wild hearted and sensitive women who want to live more deeply in their bodies, build solid and safe foundations for their journey, and get in touch with their post-traumatic bloom. You will learn how to tend to your whole self in sovereign, powerful and joyful ways as you step onto this path. You'll learn to attune to your body in a whole new way and support your nervous system in loving, sustainable and empowering ways. You'll learn to embody safety, consent and build bridges from where you are to where you're going. You'll receive: + Tools, practices and invitations to create sustainable momentum towards Post-Trauma Bloom + Ways to tend to your wise, wild, and mystical + Audio guides and video embodiment practices to support you in creating safety and possibility for your path + A quiz and video guides to help you tend to your nervous system in the ideal way + Body and movement explorations to create deeper safety in your body + Prompts to help you explore a more nourishing way to be with yourself + A deeply powerful ritual and portal opener into the next step of Post-Trauma Bloom + Lifetime access to the eCourse Portal + 30 page downloadable book with worksheets, journaling prompts and all resources mentioned throughout the course + Access to a special discount on 1:1 sessions with me

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