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Hi. I'm Lisa Farvald.


For the last 6 years, I've been working with women in immersive and gentle 1:1 containers on body and parts based trauma resolution. 

People often find me and decide to work with me when they've outgrown their old ways of being and are feeling stuck in turbulent seasons of life and are longing for deeper acceptance (a coming home to themselves) and new tools to tend to themselves.

As a survivor of physical and emotional violence, I know how tender, wild and scary it can feel to step onto a different path than the one we've been taught by our trauma. To really choose yourself. To choose your life and joy and the freedom to be who you are, naturally. 

What I know is that we're all deeply deserving of choosing ourselves without hesitation - fully and wholly as we are.

I'm so glad that you're here,


My work centers around the belief that we don't need fixing - we aren't broken or faulty - we are inherently good, lovable and precious

What would change if your inner narrative reflected your inherent goodness, lovability and preciousness?


What would you stop doing? Start doing? How would you love yourself differently? And others?


Where and how would you set yourself free?

This is what lives at the core of my work:


Trust in you and all your parts. Trust in your path. In your wholeness and inherent worth. In your original blueprint of well-being and sovereignty. In your intuition, your pace, and rhythm. Trust that everything that is needed for our journey together is already within.


Allowing the full spectrum of (y)our human-ness to be present. Being real, uncensored, and welcoming to all there is. Gently verbalizing and humanizing experiences of shame. Letting perfectionism melt away.


Joy is the guidepost we keep referring back to and move toward. Moving with an attitude of deep reverence towards our stories and recognizing that we fully deserve to be tended to with utmost care no matter what. Our stories matter. Our bodies matter. Our hearts and souls matter. 

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